The professionalism of Gayle A. Frazer works hand in hand with the personal touch and hands-on involvement. Every project carries a goal of not only satifsying the client's needs and desires, but also to educate them on site and landscape issues so that they may become better stewards of their investments. Gayle's desire is that each client gains pride in ownership of the landscape that surrounds them.


Gayle believes a designer's job is to balance the practical with the aesthetic. Design not only solves real problems, but it also can, and should, serve on a spiritual level as well. Design feeds the soul with the necessary and limitless bounty of creativity. To practice good design is to create a work of art, one that breathes, grows, changes, and evolves into something of its own making - uniting function and beauty in a graceful symmetry.

Gayle Frazer has provided professional design services to hundreds of homeowners, as well as developers, architects, engineers, small municipalities, and school districts. Her firm's project list varies widely in type, size, and scope of work. Gayle has won a number of design awards for her work and has been recognized both locally and statewide.

Gayle has built her reputation and referral/repeat business on a professionalism that is grounded in the personal touch. Many projects have achieved success only through conscientious teamwork efforts. Gayle believes the designer's tasks are to first listen to client's needs and concerns, then to observe and study the site and allow it to reveal its own story. Only then can a designer approach the problem with grounded solutions specific to site and client.

A successful job is considered one that not only pleases the client, but also successfully integrates with the larger landscape and has long-term viability. This means that plants are carefully selected and appropriately placed for optimum health, that the landscape has visual continuity along with pleasing variety, that all hard surfaces are carefully detailed, and that circulation functions with ease.



Gayle strives for creative excellence to create unique landscapes that serve to stimulate people into thinking beyond the ordinary. She seeks innovative solutions for all of her projects regardless of size; solutions that serve to not only expand the possiblilites of what landscape can be, but also to educate people about natural settings.

Gayle works from the perspective of a team player. Each project, regardless of size or complexity of the client structure, requires consensus among all involved before it can be deemed successful. That means that whether the project is public or private, everyone from administration to maintenance, from husbands and wives to children, must all buy into the solution.