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"I have had the pleasure of working with Gayle Frazer for over two years. The quality of Gayle's work consistently manages to exceed that of her competition. Gayle has become our only outside consultant for landscape design. Gayle's attention to detail, her experience, and her design talent have proven to be major reasons for our success in customer satisfaction. I have been complimented by numerous planning commission members and township trustees regarding the sensitivity to landscape design exhibited in the drawings prepared by Gayle. Gayle always manages to do a thorough job of researching landscape requirements and providing the understanding required to make our clients happy. I have found it very comforting to rely upon Gayle to meet our company's needs."

Larry Hatfield
formerly with Cincinnati United Contractors, Inc.
Presently with ADCM


"As an architect and a land planner working in the Cincinnati area for the last 30 years, I have never worked with a landscape architect as sensitive to design and program requirements as Gayle. She listens to both her client and the site. She gives as much attention to the details and schedules that make a project successful as she does to the aesthetic and design image, which is what people see. Gayle's knowledge of local plant materials and native trees has saved my developer clients thousands of dollars. I continue to use her services in all my planning projects which require landscape design and consulting services."

L. Brian Huehls, AIA
Design and Land Planning

"I want to thank you. As a Development Manager and an architect, my responsibilities included every aspect of the development with specific focus on the aesthetic qualities. As you know, to create a quality development, I relied heavily on consultants and subcontractors. We have worked together on many successful projects where your normal duties have included the design, estimating, and specification of the landscaping elements. Your designs were delivered on time and met the needs of the specific developments, your estimates were tight with the subsequent bids, and your attention during the installation phases provided quality control. I wish you the best on your future work and will continue to recommend you and your work. If future successes come from following your current personal and business principles, you will be very successful."

Tony Nasser
Architect and Park Project Manager
formerly with Al Neyer Inc.

"Gayle exhibits a degree of professionalism that is a rarity in the construction business. Her timeliness and dedication to budget will contribute greatly to the overall success of our project at Library Park. I would not hesitate to recommend Gayle to anyone looking for quality landscape architecture services."

Dan Schouster, P.E.
Civil Engineer
JMA Engineers